Banana Silk - The Super Star Sustianable Fabric!

We’ve been raving about our Banana Silk, but what is it, really? What makes it so great? Why do we love it so much?


We are limited in the conventional textiles we can use if we care about sustainability in the fashion industry. Before I started Leo Strange I was under the spell of the conventional fabric world. I assume the Fashion world was limited to using cotton, silks, and synthetic fabrics, all of which come with their own ethical issues.

Almost one year ago we received the first Banana Silk sample from our awesome manufacturers in India. Ill be honest, at the time, I knew nothing about any non-conventional fabric, let alone Banana Fabric. Yet, known and behold, there is a wealth of alternative fabrics out there! Most of which are more environmentally friendly, durable and sustainable.


So What is Banana Silk?


Banana Silk is made from the pseudo-stem of the Banana Tree. Fun Fact; Did you know Banana Tree’s only fruit once in their lifetime? So every year there is an enormous amount of biowaste produced from the Banana agricultural industry. The fibre is extracted from the stem then woven, dyed and expertly tailored into beloved garments. There are little to no chemicals used in the production. Amazingly, Banana Silk is also durable, moisture-absorbent and completely biodegradable.

Surprisingly, this is not a new fabric, Banana Silk has been around since the 13th century. The difference today is that the extraction of the fibre used to be quiet an arduous process and today we have a user-friendly low energy machine to do the job.


What does this mean for the Fashion Industry?


So what does this all mean for the Fashion Industry? For us here at Leo Strange we feel that Banana Silk is the preverbal silver lining of the doom and gloom fashion industry. Maybe there is a way to fix this problem. Maybe it is possible to change the way we currently make fashion. Maybe one day synthetics will be a thing of that past and the masses will be rocking some super stylish, super badass banana silk garments!

Tell us what you think! If you have any questions please comment bellow.