Trade not aid..

Leo Strange strives to alleviate poverty in India through the utilisation of the traditional artisan’s skills, as well as providing capacity and skills development to those in need. Although the International aid community plays a significant role in India and developing countries, we believe that ‘trade not aid’ is a long-term solution for poverty alleviation.

We believe that the best way to manage poverty in developing countries is to promote trade in village communities. We aim to develop high quality marketable products using the traditional methods. Maintaining traditional methods in these villages has lasting effects on women’s empowerment and overall community well being.

For our dying units and small factories that we use, we follow the 10 principles of fair trade.  Few brands publish the suppliers of their raw materials, so there is no way of knowing where their cotton, wool or other fibres come from or who produces them. We want to change this as we feel as a sustainable company this information is key to the consumer and for the welfare of the workers and environment. We know the facilities where our clothes are being made, and have access to the workshops and farms where they are sourcing the fabrics. This means we can encourage good practices.