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The adverse environmental effects of synthetic dyes has driven our passion to reignite the use of traditional dying techniques.     


There is something vary magical about this dye. The name indigo comes from the Roman term Indicum, which means a product of India, and the birthplace of indigo dye. Making it one of the truest colours of India.

Indigo dye has been made famous for its historical uses. From Egyptian mummies to the blue jean, the use of indigo dye has been recorded as far back as 6000 years. 

Our indigo dye is made from an all-natural source derived from the leaves of shrubs in the Indigofera family. We make sure to use Indigo in it natural form, giving our garments the vibrancy of India. 


Using an ancient dying technique that has been used for centuries in India creates our energetic and rich yellows.

Myrobalan is the fruit from a tree that grows in Asia, mainly in the foothills of the Himalayas. Drying the fruits and grinding them into a powder produces the special the dye that creates our yellows.

Our manufacturers have studied this process and become masters of their trade. They preserve these traditional methods, which give a vibrant and long lasting finish.

common madder

The roots of the Common Madder plant are used to obtain our brilliant reds. As with all our other dyes it produced from a naturally occurring source, it is dried, fermented and turned into a powder.

This process of dyeing gives our reds a unique warmth and character to them. The plant also been known to be used as an ancient medicine for centuries to cure a variety of diseases.

This method of making red dye holds many stories and is a distinguished part of India’s textile heritage. 

recycled iron

The beautiful deep blacks are made from recycled iron. Traditionally black dyes are difficult to achieve naturally.

Our expert dyers have spent many hours perfecting and mastering the technique. The process varies due to different fabrics.

Yet every time our master dyers manage a rich, bold and powerful black colour.