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Khadi - Handloom

Khadi fabric has a huge connection to ancient Indian culture; “Khadi” meaning all those fabrics which have been hand-spun and hand-woven. This culture of weaving began to decline during the rise of industrialisation but it was Ghandi who revived the ancient craft. The yarn is spun on Charkha wheels, which became the symbol of Ghandi’s non-violent movement for independence. This fabric has a low eco footprint, maintains traditional methods and empowers communities. Moreover, this fabric is completely unique, has a beautiful character and speaks volumes of the communities that helped to create it.

Banana Silk

Banana Silk is a non-conventional fabric used for a very long time in India, Japan and Asia. The fabric is made from the banana stalk. There are no chemicals or toxins used in the production. Traditionally, villagers will weave this fabric together, with the older generation passing on the knowledge to the youth. There is an array of fibres, which can be woven from the banana plant. The finer fibre is traditionally used for clothing, which has a silk satin-like feel. Amazingly, banana silk is also durable, moisture-absorbent and completely biodegradable. A superstar sustainable fabric!


Organic Cotton

Cotton has been cultivated in India for over 5000 years. Indigenous farming techniques were lost due to the agricultural revolution. With this revolution, came the use of harsh chemicals, genetically modified crops and increased water demands. By ensuring the use of organic cotton we can reinstate old farming practices, which reduce water usage and ensure a chemical free environment, Most importantly though, using Organic cotton can relieve the farmers from the financial pressure that is associated with conventional farming.