Leo Strange, Indigo, Natural Dye, Linen, Handloom, Scarves, Scarf, Organic, Organic Cotton, Batik, Myrobalan, Made in India, Designed in Australia, Lancelin, Jurien Bay


A friendship forged over their experiences in India and cemented near the beaches of Perth, Australia.

Emily-Louise Newbould and Melissa Verdouw began Leo Strange in an effort to share with the world the vibrancy and colours of India.

They insist on using only the finest materials. Designing all their pieces to allow the fabrics to speak for themselves.

Timeless, unique and authentic pieces.

Scarves, linen, handloom, indigo, myrobolan, handmade, artisian, natural dyes, made in india, designed in australia



As the world begins to merge into one global culture, they aspire to combine historic traditional methods with modern fashion, to create timeless, unique and authentic garments.

Leo Strange is working closely with Artisans, in ways that not only help communities yet also bring a new life to ancient Indian textiles.

Ultimately, Leo Strange is working to envision, create and manifest the beauty of the world into their clothing.